A roulette system list designed to help you beat the house

There is a saying among avid players that “the house always wins” and they have accepted the reality that casinos have the house edge particularly the green or zero number in the online roulette system. Maybe the more accurate phrase should be that “casinos will always win in the long haul”, because with proper understanding of the roulette system, effective strategies and correct timing, the odds can be beaten and it is possible to make a winning at some point. The house edge is an average, meaning there are low and high points. Time your bet on the best condition that presents itself in the course of the game. Skill is more reliable than luck in online casino activities because skill is constant but luck may desert you. Games that depend purely on luck with total absence of skill like slots, have the highest house edge, around 20%, while those that require a high skill level has a low house edge, around 0.5%. Roulette system games have both randomness and skill components and have a moderate house edge of around 1.3%.

For the uninitiated, the roulette system consists of several variant games with the same basic rule: to choose a winning number based on the roll of a metal ball that stops at a certain number slot in a wheel that has been spun. Although considered as a chance game, it could be the most complex in the category. The three most important accessories are the table where the bets are placed in the  form of chips, a metal ball and a wheel that is divided into 37 slots, 36 of which are number-designated from 1-18 (low) and 19-36 (high). The numbers have color designations equally distributed as red or black. A green slot designated as 0 is the house odds and will produce a winning only for the house. Players can bet on the winning number or otherwise known as inside bet, or he can bet outside which may mean red or black, odd or even, high or low. This 50/50 proposition pays lower than an inside bet. Smart players always make low bets on outside as part of their strategy. Understanding the roulette system is the first step before being followed by strategy-making. It is also very important for the player to make sure that he is playing European roulette which has only green as opposed to the other version, the American roulette which has two greens practically doubling the house edge which now stands at 2.6%.

The thrill of the game reaches its peak at the moment the ball slows to a halt and gets trapped in the middle of two hinges clearly defining the winning number. Loud, joyful noise follows. The dealer then nonchalantly rakes the loosing chips laid on the table using a stick; in unbearable gloom. Both these instances are even portrayed in Hollywood movies showing the drama of a roulette game, that is the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

General Roulette System Proven Strategies

  • Play the variant from the roulette system with the lowest advantage to the house. This information can be found in casino websites. Always choose European roulette over American.
  • Start by betting low on outside bet and gradually build from there making higher bets as the game goes on. This is especially applicable if you have low funds in your pocket.
  • Play according to your gambling allowance. That way, you can strategics your bet amount and in case of a losing streak, something will stop you from further losses.
  • Try using some tested roulette system strategies like Casino Magic 8, Martingale and many others. Stick to the one that works for you and bet wisely.
  • Quit once you have good enough winnings. The only way to have a guaranteed winning is to quit while you have it. If you decide the play on, you are likely to lose, remembering that the house odds will eventually work against you. Other players who make an impressive jump start immediately separate their winnings and just play on with them to keep the capital money intact.
  • Never stop continuing to learn the game. Information can be gathered from casino websites, articles and reviews, social media groups and forums.

Well Known Formulated Roulette System Strategies to Boost Your Winnings

  • Casino Magic 8 System. It as a well known strategy that is used to beat the odds at online casinos. It is based on a property of online roulette programs that is predictable 98% of the time. Its premise is that a previous wining number is likely to be repeated after 8 consecutive rounds.
  • Martingale Strategy. The idea of the strategy is to bet double right on the next round after a losing bet and bet minimum on the next bet after right after a winning bet. Obviously this strategy requires huge capital especially on a losing streak. Part of the strategy is to bet minimum at the start and gradually build up from there, so it is important to find first a table which allows low betting.
  • Fibonacci Strategy. The strategy is based on the Fibonacci sequence, a number sequence where every number is the total of the 2 numbers that preceded it. An example of the sequence is: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 and so on. To use the sequence as a betting strategy, move one step forward after a winning bet and 2 steps backward after a losing bet. The sequence corresponds to the amount of bets and should be used in a 50/50 roulette system proposition like black or red, odd or even, and high or low.
  • D’Alembert Strategy. French mathematician Jean d’ Alembert postulated that the way to overcome house edge is to increase your picked number by one bet when winning and decrease it by one bet when losing. It should also be used in 50/50 options of the roulette system.
  • Doyne Farmer Strategy. When used in online casino it is applicable to live video roulette system. It is mathematically complicated and will need the aid of a computer to do the calculations. The system is based on Chaos theory and will calculate the journey of the ball to make an 18% accurate prediction on where it will go after the spin.

Online casinos in the end are businesses and need profits to stay afloat that is why the house edge is crucial for them to have. Players on the other hand are searching for ways to beat the odds if only to play more with their money or make winnings. Roulette system strategies were cleverly discovered to help players even up the odds.