Free poker games online that can still earn you money

The massive rise in online poker since the turn of the millennium has seen millions of people taking their chances at winning big. Not all people are willing to risk their hard earned cash however, and some just like to play the no deposit social versions often found on Facebook and other sites. This is a good way to learn the rules, but the styles are very different when there is nothing to lose or gain, and some people are now turning to free poker games online that can still earn you real life cash.

Since the new legislation passed in the United States of America, online poker in that region of the world has had a huge decline. Although not technically banned, it is very difficult to play online bar a few select states. This has been the case since 2011, and there are now a few sites offering a different approach to online poker that can be played legally in the U.S. and you get free poker games online with no credit card or deposits.

It seems many of these poker sites are using loopholes in the law to bypass these restrictions, most of which are about not being able to process payments directly from U.S. bank accounts, although the laws do differ individually state by state. You may be buying “virtual credits” which have no value but allow you to work your way up in the league and earn real prizes, or you may be buying a monthly subscription which allows you similar options.

The details differ from site to site, but in the end they all let you play free poker games online that do in fact let you win real cash, if you have the patience and skill to earn it.


Here are some of the options:

  • National League of Poker – This site lets you play free poker games online using tokens. You never pay for the tokens with real cash, but you can pay a monthly subscription for V.I.P. status which allows you to play higher stakes tournaments with better rewards, there are also no ring games as its tournament only. Any one 18 years or older is eligible to win real cash prizes as long as they are not from Oklahoma or Mississippi, and players from outside the U.S can only win cash and are excluded from merchandise prizes. The preferred method of payment to winning players is Paypal or Dwolla.
  • Quarter Poker – This site also lets you play free poker games online, but instead of getting tokens you get given 25c real money for free which can be reset once per day if you should lose it. If you manage to turn the 25c into $50 then you can cash out for real money via Paypal. The money you get is funded by the owners currently but they will soon be using paid advertising instead. This is a relatively new site and concept that is still undergoing development and a fairly interesting one to boot. They also offer a V.I.P. package which gives you certain perks.
  • Cafrino – This online poker room is a fully 100% never deposit one with exciting tournaments that let you win real cash. If you are skilled and lucky enough to finish a tournament in the higher places, then you can win big and are also allowed to cash out at any time you see fit. Your money will never be at any risk as you never have to make a deposit or pay a monthly subscription fee.

The money comes from paid advertising which is shown to the players before the start of the

tournament, this allows Cafrino to be fully legal in all 50 states in the U.S. as it is considered a

contest and not gambling.

This site also uses Paypal as its main way to pay players and it is a requirement that you use the same                email address that you signed up to Paypal with as the one you sign up your player account with. This is one of my favourite sites to play free poker games online and never have to worry about your card details.

Other options for free poker games online

If the above semi – subscription based model is not for you, there is always the more familiar way of playing for free in free-rolls tournaments. These allow you to play for real cash prizes or prizes that have a real money value such as tournament tickets, without any entry fee. Nearly every real money poker site will offer access to free-rolls to its members, but some are an added bonus to players that have already made a deposit.

There are options however, that give you fully free entry to these tournaments. The best one I have come across is Bet Online. They give 20 daily free-rolls of which 19 are available to everybody without having earned any player points. This is a really good option for somebody who wants to have a chance at winning some real money without having to risk any cash.

Another option is Americas Cardroom. They are the only on-demand poker site that lets you play free poker games online as soon as 300 people have registered for the tournament. The prizes are small, only $10, but if you don’t want to wait for a specific tournament schedule and just want to play as soon as possible without any risks then this is the place for you.

If you are someone who is willing to play a very small deposit and earn a few levels then 888 Poker cannot be beaten for its free-rolls action. Once you reach member level 10 which is pretty easy, you stay there forever and you gain access to much more lucrative free-rolls worth around $650 every day. If you ever manage to reach level 70 you can enter a $10,000 monthly free-roll tournament.

There are many other options not listed here that let you play free poker games online and earn real cash. You have to be willing to put the time and effort in and work your way up the leader boards in some cases, but considering the possibility of great prizes then this seems a small price to pay. If you are interested in this then I highly recommend you give the options listed above a go, in the end you have very little to lose! Just remember that you must be 18 or over. Also double check the local state law where you come from if you live in the U.S.A., to make sure you are eligible to play free poker games online.