How do video poker games differ from other 5 card stud games?

If players want to find something that’s exciting to play, instead of a typical virtual slot game, and is less draining and complex than stud poker, then they need to try playing online video poker games.

Video poker games are typically styled on the five-card draw type of poker game, so this follows similar rules. Just like poker itself, five cards will be dealt to the player, who then decides which cards they want to keep, and which cards they want to swap. The computer will replace the cards that have been discarded, then, depending on the  poker hand that the player ends up with, will pay off a predetermined number. This number will depend on the pay table for the machine, which can be found on top of the screen. The payouts will be computed according to the quality of hands that players have left.

The most basic kinds of video poker include Jacks-or-Better. This game takes its name from the amount of Jacks or higher wins acquired in the game. The largest payout is for the royal flush. Several kinds of Jacks-or-Better which pay bonuses for specific hands are known as ‘Bonus Poker’ games. There are different types of these games found online as well.

The next common type of video poker games is Deuces Wild. This game has the same mechanics as Jacks-or-Better, except the deuces are wild cards. Players will need better hands to achieve the same  payouts. The strategy choices made in Deuces Wild are significant in comparison to Jacks-or-Better.

Five Card Stud is the original stud poker game. It’s also the easiest type of stud poker, which has been ingrained into modern culture and has paved the way for these so-called legendary ‘poker celebrities’. Although it’s played less nowadays and is no longer included as a featured game in the World Series of Poker, mastering five card stud is still the best way to introduce a player to the game of poker.

Just like other types of video poker games, five card stud is a typical 52-card deck that is shuffled before each hand. Players are given one hole card and one upcard, then a round of betting afterwards. Subsequently, three more upcards will be dealt by players remaining in the hand, with a round of betting held after every card is dealt. All players will end up with five cards – Four of them facing up, while one is facing downwards. After the last round of betting occurs, the player that has the best hand with all five cards will win the pot at the showdown.

Online Video Poker Games vs. 5 Card Stud Games

Stud Poker games share so many more things in common with video poker games. From their payout charts to that one round of action between the starting deal, and the showdown. When it comes to stud poker games, players have to beat the dealer’s hand. Meanwhile, video poker games focus on the player’s cards.
Next, there’s the house edge. Video poker games are known for providing bigger returns than nearly every other game found in a casino. Some of these versions pay up to 100% when comps and benefits are factored in. For instance: The house edge found in online Jacks-or-Better compares favorably to the typical casino Hold’Em game, 3 card poker and Caribbean Stud Poker.

When playing poker online, a lot of video poker games provide even better odds than real cash stud poker games. Nearly all video poker games, no matter how small the pay tables are, still provide better odds compared to other table games, even if the player is not a professional gambler.

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