How live dealer roulette has changed over the last 100 years

Live dealer roulette games have been entertaining people for many decades, and even centuries. But the Internet is still relatively new, so the history of these live dealer casinos are quite short. But still, the history of roulette in general is very interesting. Roulette is one of the oldest types of casino games in history, but it’s still highly popular with both rookie gamblers and experienced ones – All thanks to its simple gameplay, and interactive nature.

Roulette is a game that has had a couple of revamps and reincarnations through the years. Nowadays, the game is enjoyed in three main formats: European, French, and American. European and French roulette games are enjoyed by people from Europe, while in the USA, a lot of their offline and online casinos only provide American roulette games. American roulette has a bigger house edge, so it is preferred by both American casino operators, live dealer roulette players, and American gamblers.

Nowadays, in both offline and online casinos, roulette is still one of the classic favorites. So it’s not really surprising that so many of these live casino software have been modified to satisfy the constant demand from players who love the traditional roulette games but still want to play the game in the comfort of their own homes. Online roulette games are highly popular in virtual casinos, in which players can put in a wager in a live casino filmed either in a studio, or in an actual Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino.

The evolution of roulette didn’t end with these online roulette games. Instead, it delved into the world of interactive online games, thanks to the invention of live dealer roulette, which have been incorporated into the current popular online casinos.

A live dealer roulette game has to be streamed in real time – Or else it cannot be considered as a live casino game. As the years go on, with the advancement of technology and super-fast Internet connections becoming more common in households, live dealer roulette games are surging in popularity as well.

Features of a Live Dealer Roulette Play

When it comes to the simplest terms, live roulette games are casinos that employ actual casino dealers for the roulette games that they offer. Meaning a real person will handle the online players, instead of using a piece of software, a robot, or a machine.

The reason why these live dealer roulette games are so unique to virtual casinos, is because of the fact that they broadcast a real life game through a webcam. This game includes a living, breathing roulette dealer who stands inside a casino and has an actual roulette wheel in front of him or her. These live dealer roulette games are quick, not to mention fun – Just like being in a real-life casino. And best of all, the player just has to kick back, relax, and enjoy the game in the comfort of their own home.

Just like a game of standard online roulette, its live dealer counterpart contains all of the basics – A roulette wheel, a board, buttons that can control the number of chips, etc. Players can still put in a wager in the same way as they would in a typical game of online roulette, and these wagers are noted by the software. But instead of having to depend on the computer to spin the ball around, an actual croupier will spin the ball on the actual roulette wheel. The end results will be shown on the screen, as well as announced by the croupier at the same time.

One of the best things about live roulette casinos is that they’re so much reliable than most other virtual gambling casinos, which use software and computers to enjoy their games. But when it comes to these live casinos, an actual live video stream will let the players watch a clear image of the croupier’s hands on the table. This lets them see if there is cheating or not. For live casino games, the cards are seen on screen all the time. And because of that, players who are still skeptical about playing online casino games against a computer will definitely enjoy these games since it throws in a huge element of trust during the gameplay.

A lot of online gamblers love the fact that these games use real gambling devices, instead of a Random Number Generator, or RNG, used by most online casinos. It’s also great to remember that while these RNG games give off randomized and fair results, a lot of players are still comfortable with the idea of having to use a more traditional way of figuring out who wins or loses the game. And even though it’s still quite impossible that this would happen, utilizing physical equipment for these games allows for at least the opportunity to make an error, or to become biased towards the players that have a bigger advantage of winning. For example, when playing a game of live roulette, the player might find a biased roulette wheel that allows them to win twice as much as the other players – This might sound improbable, but it’s still a nice, not to mention tempting, prospect to think about.

One more excellent feature when it comes to these games is that the players can even chat with the croupier in real time. They can place in their comments in the chat box – No matter if it’s a question regarding bets, or what the odds are – The croupier is sure to answer them all. The best live casino dealers are all helpful, friendly, and accommodating even while handling a current game.

When the player is connected to a live roulette game, the site will provide them with the opportunity to evenly distribute their wagers and just watch the game unfold – Much like the games that happen in Vegas or Atlantic City. But instead of waiting for that RNG to give out either a win or a loss, which frankly becomes boring after a couple of rounds, the croupier will let his or her players observe a real spinning roulette wheel that has an actual bouncing ball before settling the bets.

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