Our favorite free blackjack games so far this 2016

Free blackjack games are thick on the ground, thanks to the game’s perpetual popularity with card players. This game is an old one, with its direct precursor (the Spanish “ventiuna”) claimed to have existed as far back as the very start of the 17th century. As such, blackjack has a firm place in the stable of card games that most casinos consider “classics” probably to be expected from something that was mentioned even in Cervantes’s classic text, Don Quixote.

  • Why Play Free Blackjack Games?

Obviously, blackjack is known as a gambling game, which means most people associate it with money bets and winnings. However, it is not unheard of to play blackjack without money—money for playing, at least, not necessarily money as a reward—involved.

Why would anyone want to play a classic gambling game without actually gambling, you ask? There are a lot of possible reasons. It could be to learn the game, for one. A lot of people learn the rules to games best by trying the games for themselves, so many beginners actually play free blackjack games before starting in on the paid ones.

Another possibility could be to hone their skills. While all card games are still more or less games of chance, blackjack actually gives the canny card player a lot of leeway to use his wits and improve his odds. You can improve your instinctive as well as cognitive understanding of how to respond to situations in blackjack by playing it again and again. Of course, you should do it with free blackjack games in particular, as they mean you do not have to break your bankroll in the process of learning how to (potentially) inflate it.

A person might actually take to playing free blackjack games in order to test a particular blackjack game too. For instance, he might be checking to see if he likes the way the software works, if he likes the way the computer game’s graphics are presented, if the game’s soundtrack is appealing or dissonant to his ears, and so on. This is why so many casinos offer free blackjack games, by the way: they are essentially just “trial” versions that potential funded customers can try out in order to get an idea of whether they want to play for money on that online casino or not.

And finally, there is the other possibility, which is actually fairly common: someone might just be playing free blackjack games because he does not need money to be involved in order to have fun with them.

  • Some of the Best Free Blackjack Games This Year

There are a lot of good free blackjack games in 2016—and thanks to their being free, many US-based players can try them out as well. The legal restrictions on financial institutions and their dealings with gambling concerns usually prevent US players from getting in on the blackjack action online, but since the “free” label means there is no need for a financial institution to act as a payment processor or intermediary, free blackjack games are viable for US players.

Two of our top picks are actually for US players. Bovada Casino’s free blackjack games come from Real Time Gaming and have all the visual panache one expects of Real Time’s offerings. If this is not to your taste, though, you can try our other recommendation, which is from the Netherlands-licensed Club USA Casino. It also gets its free blackjack games from developer Real Time Gaming, but there are some differences between the two casinos’ offers. The differences even go beyond the skin (they look a bit different) as the Bovada variant has different table rules from the Club USA one.

Players from other countries have more casinos offering them free blackjack games. The nice thing about this is that you know that the free blackjack options on online casinos are trustworthy in the sense of not being likely to sting you with malware if you load or click on them. They tend to be polished, smooth-running, and generally trouble-free. Even the ones that are on the simpler side tend to be pretty good. One of our favorites is the one you can access for free at 888.com, because it not only operates fluidly but also loads in no time and remains playable on your browser even if you do find yourself having to go offline due to a faulty connection.

You should also be sure to try the Microgaming-sourced free blackjack varieties on the BlackJack Ballroom Casino if you prefer to get your free card games from reputable sites. These are well-done, attractive exemplars of the game.

Another of the browser-accessible free blackjack programs we would recommend comes from bestonlinecasinos.com. We like the almost “old-school” feel of the graphics—which does not mean you should expect something done up in classic pixilated art, by the way. Rather, you get the sense of some sort of period artwork with slightly smoky colors and effectively subtle lighting. It plays well too. Unfortunately, unlike 888.com’s browser game offering, it does not remain playable once your Internet connection has been cut. Still, it should not be much of a problem for most players.

Finally, you can give the many free blackjack online games at MrGamez.com a try. The website offers a stunning number of online games for card game lovers, from blackjack to poker. The blackjack offerings are extensive, and they include such titles as Atlantic City Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold, Double Exposure Blackjack (two varieties of it, to be precise—they can be easily identified from each other by checking the differing colors of the tables on the screen), Mini Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack, the Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series, and Classic Blackjack. All of them are playable without you having to spend any money.

Whichever of the above recommendations you do eventually try, keep in mind that even if you do find yourself displeased with some aspect of the game—you dislike its background sound, for example, or find the text on the screen command buttons blurry—you can very simply abandon the one you are playing and move on to another. As we said from the outset, this is an extremely popular card game, so much so that you can be certain there are even more kinds of it available than we have already listed here. There are so many varieties of free blackjack games and companies producing them, in fact, that you can be sure of finding one that fits all of your tastes eventually, provided you are willing to do a bit more digging on the web.