Play Free Roulette to Improve Your Game

If roulette is one of your all time favorite online casino games and you intend to master the art of playing roulette online, then you must consider learning some of the important strategies to improve your game. There are several online roulette strategies that can be deployed for earning a good rate of return. These strategies include the Martingale Online Roulette Strategy, the James Bond Online Roulette Strategy, and the D’Alembert Online Roulette Strategy. Each of these Online Roulette strategies is distinctly different from each other. Each of these Online Roulette Strategies has their own set of pros and cons that you must weigh as a prudent player before thinking of applying.


Play free roulette to not just hone you roulette skills but also to get hands-on with the new strategies such as:

Use Martingale Strategy and play free roulette

Martingale Strategy is one the oldest online roulette strategies that enables a player to recover all the previous losses with one single current win. One win is good enough to not just cover old losses but also leave a profit margin for the player.  The Martingale Strategy can be use when the probability of winning or losing is equal, i.e, 50-50 each. The amount of profit is relatively smaller when compared to profit earned from other sources.

The benefit of this strategy is that it is perspective driven.  Basic roulette is all about flipping the coin. In this strategy you can double your losing bets to win and recover the amount that you lost in loosing bets. It works this way, if you have selected one color and placed a wager on it, it loses in a couple of rounds, but you keeping doubling your bet on the same color while you play free roulette online, that has not been performing so well in accordance to your bet selection, but online roulette experts specializing in Martingale Strategy are of an opinion that you increase the probability of your winning and hence when win, you recover all the losses that you have encountered in the previous rounds.

The disadvantages of the Martingale Strategy include too much of emphasis of probability. You should make an attempt to understand the concept of probability in depth. When you play free roulette, probability is nothing but your chance of winning a particular bet. Most the times probability is mere chance which is often 50-50, that is your chance of winning or losing is equal. You may find it a little difficult to keep your stakes in such an uncertain situation wherein you stand a chance of making a fortune out of the amount you have bet and also there are equal chances of you losing out the whole amount invested. Hence probability is considered as one of the biggest drawbacks of the Martingale Strategy.

Another big disadvantage of using the Martingale Strategy while you play free roulette for improvising your game is that you are expected to excessively rely on the losing the bets consecutively. This result is constant hits to your gambling corpus. Though you have an idea of the possibility and probability of being benefited at the end of the game, but as we discussed in the first demerit that probability of winning and losing is equal. If you continue to go on losing the bets in a row and you are compelled make bigger bets despite of you losing the bets, you will continue to bleed profusely on the financial front which is not a desirable situation. Even if you win at the end of the day, you would still end up making fewer profit margins with the Martingale Strategy.

While using the Martingale Strategy you should seek a table with minimum bet standards and maximum bet standards before you begin to play free roulette. This is where you can plan to begin the game with small bets and gradually move on to making bigger bets, thereby winning more and making more profit margins. One of the salient features of this strategy is that you profits can go up to infinitum. This is where a small wager can get you maximum returns and at the same time if your luck is not is your favor then there is chance for you to lose a huge amount of money on account of many small losses.

The mantra of success in the Martingale Strategy is that you continue to double your bets until you win and recover all the losses that you have incurred so far.

Use Reverse Martingale Strategy and play free roulette

The reverse martingale online roulette strategy is quiet similar to martingale online roulette strategy except the reverse component in it. The concept here is that you try to minimize your losses by decreasing the amount of stake. Similarly you can increase your stake if you feel that you are on a winning spree. To simplify this further you can increase the amount of bet if you win in order to maximize you earning and decrease the amount of bets if you are losing when you hit a dry patch. This is how you limit your losses.

In the reverse martingale strategy, you should look for a table that offers you the flexibility of minimizing your stakes when you hit a dry patch, similarly it should also grant you the flexibility of increasing your stakes in case you reach a profitable zone.

Use D’Alembert Strategy to play free roulette

In D’Alembert online roulette Strategy, you ramp up or down by using arithmetic factors and not the geometric factors. So if you compare this strategy with Martingale Strategy, instead of doubling your bet on losing you increase your bet by one using D’Alembert online roulette strategy.

Other strategies include the Fibonacci online roulette strategy and the James Bond online roulette strategy to be used play free roulette. Leonardo Pisano Bigollo, commonly known as Fibonacci invented a series of numbers named after him. The Fibonacci online roulette strategy involves addition of last two bets together; this strategy benefits the member by offering increase margins.