Play Roulette Free Online


Gone are the days when we had to go to a gaming den, casino, and club etc. to play roulette. Now we can play roulette free on gaming websites. This game which has its origin way back in 1796 in Paris, France pretty much has retained its old form. This is a game of sheer luck. When the wheel is spun in one direction, the ball is dropped in another direction. And when the ball loses its momentum, it falls in one of the coloured and numbered pockets of the wheel. If it falls in the number or set of numbers chosen by you, then you become the winner.

Emergence of Online Roulette

After the world moved from a real to a virtual space, most of the games also moved there. Roulette too is one of them and playing online roulette free can be one of the most entertaining pastimes. So wear your lucky charm and enter the world of roulette free and there are various websites on which you can play this game. However since this is an online space, you need to be very careful about the authenticity of the website.

There are various licensing jurisdictions and regulatory organizations which ensure that the online gambling does not use unfair trade practices. Before choosing any site to play roulette free, we should check which licensing jurisdiction or regulatory organization is controlling it.

Regulations of online gambling in the US

In the US prior to 2006, gambling was a flourishing business. However the unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) put an end to legal gambling in 2006. This law prohibited any kind of online betting or wagering. Hence the gambling sites were unable to accept deposits from the customer in the US as it was deemed illegal. The banks and other financial institutions were unable to process those transactions as it was illegal for them too. Most of the well-known gambling operators were forced to withdraw from the US market. Currently it is only legal to operate online gambling sites in Nevada (NV), Delaware (DE) and New Jersey (NJ).

Regulations of online gambling in the UK

In the UK, the gambling laws are straightforward. The Gambling Commission is the regulator body for this industry. As a result many UK based gambling sites and many foreign based sites offer their services to the residents of UK. The Gambling Act of 2005 regulates the licensing to the gambling operators. This act ensures that gambling does not become a source of crime or disorder. Hence before playing roulette free on any of the UK based sites, you need to check the rules and regulations properly.

Regulations of online gambling in Canada

Playing roulette free in Canada became relatively easy after some drastic measures were taken by the legislation in 1970. The authority to license and regulate gambling and gaming was given to the individual provinces. Purchasing lottery tickets online or online betting is legal for Canadians. And the online gambling sites which are based somewhere where online gambling is legal can provide services to Canadians provided they  are approved and licensed by the Canadian government. The Kahnawake gaming commission based in Canada provide licenses to gaming companies after they meet the criteria specified by them.

Regulations of online gambling in the Australia

Online gambling is an extremely popular pastime in Australia and there are scores of online sites which offer roulette free to Australian citizens. Australian Commonwealth Parliament passed the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 (IGA) in order to ensure that Australian citizens do not get addicted to gambling and take it just as a source of entertainment.

How online roulette emerged

Online roulette has gained the popularity like no other game and is known as the casino game king. It was an extremely popular casino game which was played all across the globe and with the emergence of internet in 1970s, the world started changing rapidly. There are many gambling operators which started their online operations in 1980s, and it gained momentum in 1990s. Now the technology has developed so much that there are dedicated programmers and IT teams which constantly work on improving the gaming applications to ensure that the customer experience is enhanced every day.

Popular sites offering Online Free Roulette

The best part about online roulette is that whether you are a newbie or veteran, you have help available right away. There are score of gaming forums which talk about the strategies which work. Hence you should start with the roulette free version and once you master the game, you may play for real money. There are mathematical formulae which talks about the various permutations and combinations which will help you to win most of your bets.

With the advent of internet, this is the biggest advantage that sitting in the comfort of your house, you may read the advices of roulette gurus all across the world. You may post your questions on these blogs and you will get responses from other veterans in the industry. Before choosing a site to play your favourite free roulette, you may read the online reviews to choose the best site.

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We are sure that now you are ready to take the plunge. Always make an informed choice and go through the pros and cons of any site before you choose it. Roulette free online is one of the best sources of entertainment which not only gives you the satisfaction after winning a game; it also increases your decision making power and sixth sense. So whether you love calling the dozen bets, or love the orphelins (a bet on a specific group of number) just make the most of your vacation time in this festive season.