Qualify online for the World Poker Series!

If poker players are more inspired, and want to choose the right poker games for them, then 2019 could be the year that they can qualify for the annual World Poker Series tournament as an online player. The World Poker Series encourages everyone who wants to join to participate in their online poker games, while competing to be the top poker player in any of their tournaments.

This year, the WSOP includes 57 tournaments beginning on May 27, and will go on until July 17:  the grand finale will be held in November. All of the tournaments will be held in the Rio All Suit Hotel, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Officials have mentioned that the 2017 WSOP will increase the amount of tables by 20%, in order to handle the amount of players who have joined. They are also hoping that there’s enough space to accommodate all of the participants.

One of the best ways to be able to qualify for the WSOP Main Event, is through the help of an online satellite tournament. This is how Chris Moneymaker was able to join: he eventually became the WSOP champ back in 2003. A satellite tournament works by letting their players score their buy-ins for an even greater tournament. The WSOP package usually costs between $13,000 and $15,000. When a person uses these satellites, they can get the chance to join the World Poker Series by using a direct entry satellite for nearly $200-$250. And if they are lucky and skilled enough, they can obtain that cash prize for their package plus a lot of team gear.

Being able to win a tournament through a satellite will not only give the players cash to join the World Poker Series, it also introduces the player to the world of real-life poker. And since they’ll get the chance to play these games with a group of fellow poker fans, they’ll get to encounter other rookie players, and receive overwhelming support. This will give the players a good opportunity to make new friends, and work on their gaming skills at the same time.

A lot of poker Websites have started to give out more satellites, before this year’s World Poker Series. There’s no better way to get to Las Vegas for the WSOP than by paying a handful of dollars, in contrary to shelling out lots of cash. These games really concentrate on improving one’s poker-playing skills. All players are free to participate, no matter what their budget may be.  Everyone gets a shot at qualifying. Maybe luck will strike them and they’ll be able to make it to the finale and even win that grand prize.

It’s important to pick the right kind of satellites especially when the player makes the effort to look for those who have soft fields. That’s because this will make a huge difference between joining in the largest tournaments from across the globe. It’s highly recommended that these players pick the satellites that suit them and they’re not supposed to jump into the first poker game that they see.

Best World Poker Series Satellites 2019

  • 888 Poker – The satellites for the WSOP are filled with lots of rookie poker fans, as well as those who strictly play the game for fun. This is why the players here are so much easier to beat as compared to the bigger poker rooms, which include a larger share of professional players. There’s also that huge prize pot, which is valued at around $13,000. This is the reason why 888 Poker is definitely the site that players choose if they want to rehearse for the 2017 WSOP, especially for the Main Event. Rookies from plenty of countries can obtain that $88 right away, so they can join this Website and they won’t have to make a placement or put in any kind of credit card information. They can still obtain a placement bonus on top later down the line, if they want to. 888 Casino has upgraded the perks in their loyalty programme, so it’s definitely worth joining, even if these players don’t plan on joining the WSOP.
  • Titan Poker – This is a Website that is a good choice for players who live outside the US, and are trying to find the best online satellite poker qualifiers for one major reason. This Website is a member of the highly-popular iPoker network, and pool players together with a couple of Europe’s largest sports-betting brands, like William Hill casino and Bet365. Titan Poker has a well-established three-stage system, which lets both novices and professional players have a good chance of winning. The first stage usually hands out the tickets to these events, such as the EPT and lots of smaller live events found across Europe. The second and third stages will feed its players through the qualifiers. The games found in this site come in various formats, such as Sit ‘n Goes, freeze outs, and rebuys, which includes turbos.
  • PokerStars – This Website has the best live poker tours in the entire world. When the player uses their Main Event Passport, it’s certain that they’ll get to join in all World Poker Series events. The Main Event Passport is a series of virtual qualifier tournaments that will give out a live main event package worth $13,000. The Main Events usually included in the World Poker Series include No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em, and Omaha. PokerStars lets their clients win WSOP packages, so they can book that trip to Las Vegas without any additional payment. The Main Event Passport contains Main Event buy-ins, as well as lots of money. The player can then pick which event they want to join in. In order to sign up for these Main Event Passport satellites, they need to open up the PokerStars site lobby, click on ‘Events’ and then ‘Passport’.
  • PartyPoker – Players can make their way to the World Poker Series online, with the help of these PartyPoker free roll games and tournaments, or if the player happens to have a larger bankroll play found in the $700 to $50 main satellites. This site is handing out lots of World Poker Series packages, which come with a prize of $14,000 and covers their $10,000. This includes the Main Event buy-in, as well as accommodations.