Texas Holdem Poker Explained

Prologue to Texas Holdem:

Texas Holdem poker is one of the most interesting variants of poker as per poker fanatics across the globe. It can be a difficult game to learn as a beginner. There are several complex games like Omaha or 7 Card stud that need a better understanding of the game as calculating the odds and counting cards needs poker basics to be clear. You can learn Texas Holdem poker in a relatively small amount of time. You can improvise your skills by practicing for a couple of hours a week. It is important for you to invest more time systematically if in case you need to become of professional Texas Holdem player.

Many online casinos offer dedicated chat rooms for Texas Holdem poker. These rooms are a perfect place to begin practicing. You can learn a great of concepts and protocols like dealing, shuffling and evaluating the best hand.  Every site has a limitations and betting protocols. You can learn how to shuffle the deck of 52 cards.



Each player is allotted two cards commonly known as private cards which are allotted as face down. Technically these cards are called hole cards.

Then the round of betting starts, the player on the left of blinds is generally given a chance to initiate. This round is known as preflop betting round. Just like other casino game players, poker players can also call for raise or fold based on the situation of the game. The dealer discards the first card on the deck after completion of the preflop round. The discarded card is referred to as burn card. The card is discarded in order to avoid malpractices.

The dealer initiates the process to flip next three cards on the table, this is termed as flop. These communal cards can be put to use by anyone in combination with two cards that they hold that forms a poker hand. Player from the left side of the dealer initiates betting round.

The same process of burning and flipping the cards on table is repeated by the dealer. This is commonly referred to as turn, this when the stakes in game rise.

Next round is called as River within which the dealer places a final face up card on the table after burning a card. After the river round players can make use of any of the cards on the table, that is 5 cards from the table or 2 cards in their pocket with a view to make a poker hand comprising 5 cards.

Then the final betting round begins with the player from left side of dealer. Showdown takes place after the final round of betting. Players are entitled to make use of any of their pocket cards in a feasible combination along with community cards to create a poker hand comprising 5 cards.

The players who manage to present the best poker hand out of all wins the game. At times two or more players come up with a same poker hand, this is when the players split the pot proceeds amongst themselves, and this principle is in line with the poker protocols.

TangiersCasino.com offers several variants of Texas Holdem Poker games. It offers certain popular variants for free. The number of limitations is relatively less when compared to its peers in the online casino industry.

Best Online Texas Holdem Poker sites

Choosing from top Texas Holdem Poker sites is a difficult decision. It is a daunting task. We have made an attempt to shortlist best sites for your convenience. The parameters that we have used to rating these sites include reliability of the site, user friendly storefront, easy to understand gaming technology, number of games and variants offered, payout ratio, sign-up process, payment processors supported, deposits and withdrawals management, bonuses offered, perks and promotions, customer and technical support, real time gaming and downloadable version of games, support players from all major countries, multilingual support, rewards in cash and kind, free spins, discounts etc.

Some of leading sites that offer Texas Holdem Poker include TangiersCasino.com, William Hill Casino, Winner Poker, Ladbrokes Poker, Titan Poker, 888 Poker, Bodog.com, Poker Stars, Sky Poker, Bet365 Poker,Bet fair Poker, Intertops Poker etc.

Popular Variants of Texas Holdem Poker are listed as under:

  • Limit Texas Holdem Poker:

Limit Texas Hold’em has a set limit of betting for each round.

  • No Limit Texas Holdem Poker:

No Limit Texas Holdem offers liberty to the player to select stakes and tweak at any point of time.

  • Pot Limit Texas Hold’em Poker:

As the name suggests, Pot Limit Texas Hold’em offers the players a chance to bet upto the amount at which the pot has been valued.

  • Mixed Texas Hold’em Poker:

Mixed Texas Hold’em offers flexibility to the players to switch from Limit Texas Hold’em to No Limit Texas Hold’em.

  • Going “all-in Poker

Going “all-in Poker variant calls for putting all your chips together, stakes are high. If you win, you win a big amount, similarly if you lout because of bad hand than you may have to wash your hands off a big corpus amount that you may have accumulated over a long period of time.

Making side pots

If one player chooses to be all-in and other players continue to call in for more chips, these are referred to as side pots. Players have the facility of betting against each other.

Playing heads-up

While playing heads-up the player along with the dealer posts a small blind and the opponent calls for a big blind. The player posting a small blind is allowed to bet first in this case.

To conclude, you can begin playing Texas Hold’em Poker once you are thorough with the structure of the game. This structure remains more or less stable throughout several variants of the game. Many online casinos offer study aids dedicated to beginners which comprise detailed information on poker terminology, processes involved in the game. Players have the facility of understanding these concepts better by practically playing games in chat rooms provided by the casinos.