The top 5 roulette table scenes in the history of cinema

The roulette table can provide some of the most thrilling situations among all card games. That’s true for both the players and spectators. However, it can also be quite exciting when watching action on the big screen.

In the past there have been many movies that have captured the thrill of players spinning the wheel of fortune to see if the roulette table can help them to win big. However, there are certainly some scenes that are more memorable than others. Here are some of the top ones in the history of film:

  1. Casablanca (1942)

The movie was a hit in many ways. It was nominated for several Academy Awards and won three. Besides that, it also earned $3.7 million dollars at the box office, which would be equal to about $54.5 today. All things considered, it can certainly be considered one of the top movies in film history for several reasons.

In the film café owner Rick (Humphrey Bogart) fixes the roulette table so his former lover and her husband are able to win. In the 1942 romance film the couple is trying to secure letters of transit so they can get to the United States safely. This is basically their last chance to trick the local authorities and get to the US safely.

There’s also a classic scene that includes a roulette table. Rick sets up the table by talking to the roulette dealer so he fixes the game. Then his lover’s husband is able to win on #22. That will help to save his wife as well as his marriage. However, he wants to keep his help a secret so his reputation isn’t affected.

When the roulette player bets on 22 he wins so the Bulgarian couple can win enough money and get out of Casablanca. Rick wants the incident to be secret. So he tells the man to cash out and then leave the casino forever. He follows his instructions. However, he takes steps to keep the setup a secret and explains that the Bulgarian was lucky by winning a lot of money. Rick is able to help the couple and also keep the set-up a secret. It shows Rick’s true character even though he hides his emotions.

  1. California Split (1974)

Elliott Gould and George Segal star in this movie about players who jump from one casino to another one through chaos involving gambling. There are many types of gambling sites in the movie. It shows a very realistic perspective of the roulette table than other motives. The classic movie helps to teach about gambling in general as well as how to become a better gambler.

The movie is about a friendship between two gamblers named Bill and Charlie based on their love of playing gambling games. Charlie is an experienced gambler and his always looking for the next game to play. Bill isn’t as serious about gambling  and has a day job yet is becoming more involved in gambling. The two players become friends when they are accused of cheating by another player at a poker table.

As the movie continues Bill becomes more addicted to gambling. However, he goes into debt as time passes. The two friends pool their money together so Bill can play in a poker game in Reno, Nevada. Bill is able win to $18,000 and believes he’s on a hot streak. He keeps winning including at the roulette table. However, he then tells Charlie that he’s quitting gambling and returns home.

  1. Croupier (1998)

This movie is nearly two decades old already, but it’s certainly worth mentioning as one of the most memorable scenes in movie history that includes a roulette table. To begin with, due to the title of the movie it’s not really surprising that it has a roulette scene.

The movie is a film adaptation of life as it takes place in a London casino. It shows the perspective of the character Jack who’s played by Clive Owen. It also shows that corruption and loss that’s involved in the day to day gambling life.

However, the movie isn’t all doom and gloom. The writer who turned into a croupier spends several thrilling nights getting material such as from a roulette table in order to write his next novel. The character Jack is a struggling writer who works as a croupier in order to pay his bills.

The gambling world starts taking over Jack’s life. He started drinking with a croupier named Matt who is cheating in the casino. He also sleeps with another croupier named Bella. His relationship with his girlfriend is also affected when he allows her to read part of his book that seems to be based on his own life.

  1. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)

This is yet another movie that features a famous movie scene that involves a roulette table. Steve Marin and Michael Caine team up as con men who are trying to swindle a small town in the French Mediterranean. They try to steal $50,000 from a contest winner, but it all results in a disaster.

  1. Toy Story 3 (2010)

It might be surprising to mention a roulette table related to the 3D animated movie. However, it’s worth noting. The roulette “wheel” is actually a See ‘n Say toy, and the bets aren’t in real money but actually in batteries.  All the toys are gathered around the toy to see what the result will be.

However, the scene shows that the game is a universally popular game. There are many interesting things that happen at the so-called roulette table in the movie scene. For example, the octopus wins money when the spinner stops on the duck. Also, when Mood Changing chuck hits his head, it changes his face from a happy face to mad face.

The villain bear Lotso starts losing, and then there are some taunts especially ones aimed at Ken. This is probably one of the most surprising scenes that include roulette or gambling for that matter. However, for that reason it’s certainly a memorable scene for anyone who watches the movie and shows the popularity of the gambling game in terms of its universality.

Not only is gambling a common theme in movies, but also roulette games and a roulette table in particular. The above-mentioned movies are some of the most memorable movies in cinema that involve roulette games. It definitely shows the popularity of the game in the casino world. In fact, one of the films might become your favorite in terms of movies that involve gambling or roulette in particular. Are there any other memorable films that also include  the game of roulette?