Try these five free blackjack games if you want to clean up this weekend

Playing free blackjack games can be really exciting even without using real cash. These free blackjack games offer the same thing, except this time, it’s for intellectual simulation instead of a physical one. Beating the dealer is always a great thing, even when they consist of nothing more than a programme in a computer.
Free blackjack games, as its name suggests, don’t cost any cash to play, although players might still end up spending a little cash upfront by purchasing the software. However, even those types of things aren’t even necessary. A lot of these Websites provide free blackjack games to play and some of them come from virtual casinos who just want to entice customers, but some of them also happen to be informational Websites that are supported by huge, money-making ads.

Free Blackjack Games Online

Super 7 Blackjack – These are free blackjack games side bets based after the player’s first three cards. If the initial card happens to be a seven, the player is the winner. These winnings increase for two to three consecutive sevens, and even more if these sevens happen to be suited. If the player manages to score two sevens and divides them into two, then their first card in their first hand will be counted towards a three-card seven. The main point of Blackjack Super Seven is to achieve a hand of 21, or score an even higher hand than the bank by managing to get as close as possible to 21 without even surpassing it. Blackjack Super Seven is just an additional extra to these original free blackjack games. The main objective is to score sevens of just one colour. Before the game starts, players can choose between either Multiplayer or Private tables. In Blackjack Super 7 for multiple players, they are free to converse with each other during the game and even if the player isn’t participating in the games themselves, they can still sit back and watch the other players in action.

Single Deck Blackjack – These free blackjack games have often been considered as the most popular type of blackjack, since they provide players with the best opportunity to win some profits. In fact, the house edge is only equal to 0.15%. Facing a house edge of 0.15% will put them on a level playing field as a brick-and-mortar casino, and make their chance of profiting seem as easy as flipping a coin. With just one blackjack card, card counters don’t have to wait for a long while to score a favourable count, thus allowing them to place bets in free blackjack games much sooner. In a game of blackjack, the amount of used decks will be changed to the house edge. If these gaming rules are the same, a single deck game will equal to a lower house edge than the usual eight deck game. In an effort to prevent card counters, a lot of traditional casinos have made the switch to multi-deck free blackjack games which are dealt out of a shoe.

21 Burn Blackjack – A free blackjack game where players can play up to three hands simultaneously. Every hand plays only against one dealer, like the bank for example, independently of other hands. Six decks of cards can be utilized to enjoy this game. The main goal of the player is to draw cards right until their hand equals a total of 21. If the initial two cards are equal to 21, the player has created a blackjack. In order to do so, they can click on a chip size and click on ‘Place Bet’ afterwards.

They will be left to deal with three cards: Two of them facing upwards, with the last one facing down. This is the part where they can ‘Burn’ the second dealt card, and take the third one in its place. If the player wants to burn the second card instead, they need to place in a Burn Side Bet, which is ½ of the original bet. However, they won’t get the opportunity to win back this side bet. For these blackjack games, players should only utilize the Burn card when they end up in a bad situation. This will hopefully remove the 6 from 16, and hope for a 10 or get rid of the 10 from 16 and hope for a 5.

Spanish 21 – Another type of free blackjack games, with the same objective as its predecessor. In Spanish 21, the player needs to gather two or more cards in an attempt to score 21, or as close as possible. The dealer will also make an effort to reach 21, so the player has to beat the dealer’s score without busting. All card values are the same as a typical blackjack game. If the dealer or player’s first two cards are equivalent to 21, they are said to have created a ‘natural blackjack’. The instant winner pays out 3:2, meaning that they’ll get to win $3 for each $2 that they have bet on. Six or eight decks are the ones commonly used however, all ten cards are removed from every 52-card deck. With these cards missing, the game can have a distinct advantage, but there’s still a series of different bonuses and rules that can assist the players, making Spanish 21 one of the top bets found inside a casino.

Vegas Strip Blackjack – The main objective of these blackjack games, much like any other blackjack game out there, is to be able to get as close to 21 as possible. The dealer will also be doing the same thing. The player’s last card total needs to exceed the amount that the dealer has, while still being equal to 21 or lower. Vegas Strip Blackjack is played with four 52-card decks. These decks are shuffled together and dealt from a device called a shoe. Cards from 2 to 9 are worth the value printed on them. Meanwhile, the king, queen, and jack cards are equivalent to 10 points each. The ace is either worth 1 or 11 points, depending on the player or the dealer’s choice. If the player ends up beating the dealer in these free blackjack games, they will handed an even sum of money.