Your latest Blackjack Ballroom Casino review

The name of the Blackjack Ballroom Casino may mislead some people into thinking that it only offers blackjack games or even just card games. However, like many other casinos named after the game in which they specialize, this casino actually offers more than blackjack. This is one of the sites operated by Casino Rewards, which typically offers a good selection of game options, so you can expect more than card games here. In fact, there are more than 510 games at the casino at the moment.

So what else can you expect from Blackjack Ballroom Casino? We shall take a closer look at the site in order to give you a better idea.

  • Microgaming Software 

Blackjack Ballroom Casino gets its games from major gambling software provider Microgaming. This is probably unsurprising considering this is a casino that started out with a focus on blackjack. Microgaming has a good selection of blackjack games in its roster, and you can find virtually all of them on Blackjack Ballroom Casino. They also tend to have good player odds: the house edge on average for them is about 0.40%.

Aside from a good blackjack variety, though, what else can you expect from a casino running primarily on software from Microgaming? Firstly, a good number of progressive jackpots: Microgaming is known for having broken records several times for the size of the progressive jackpots it pays out. Even more excitingly, the game provider’s brand is known for its all-in-one-go payouts of big jackpots. Other providers do it incrementally, which does make for rather less thrilling a payout collection experience.

That having been said, there is a caveat that has to be stated immediately with just about every Microgaming website and it certainly applies to Blackjack Ballroom Casino. They do not accept US players. If you are not from the US, though, you are free to play on the casino and enjoy the polished software Microgaming generally brings to its products.

  • The Gaming Experience

Blackjack Ballroom Casino is a downloaded casino programme, which means that in order to access its offerings, you need to download and install its dedicated software. The software downloads and installs in around 2 minutes. Most computers nowadays should barely register problems with this part of the process, though. In fact, it can run on operating systems as old as Windows XP SP3, although it can also handle later ones like Windows 7. It is also virus-free.

A practical part of the process is that you can perform your account creation/registration while the download and installation is running. This means you do not have to waste time simply staring at the screen and twiddling your thumbs as you wait.

Like most other casinos, you get a signup bonus with this one. For Blackjack Ballroom Casino, the signup bonus you get is $500 free to play with for one hour on the casino’s games. You keep all winnings made from that $500, but the bonus itself will expire at the end of the hour.

When you do finally decide to deposit money into your account at Blackjack Ballroom Casino, you can use several methods. These include credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, prepaid vouchers and direct bank transfers. These are adequate, for the most part, but some players might wish for more choices.

As for accessing your preferred blackjack games, it is very easy, navigation of the casino’s games through its software is simple and playing them is just about instant as well. There is no learning curve to speak of here, which is good news for gamblers who just want to get right to it.

  • Security and Support Services on the Casino

The Blackjack Ballroom Casino has good support and security. With regard to the former, they have a live chat support option, which is something you generally want in a casino. Tests indicate that this usually works, giving players and quick and immediate channel for complaints or questions. That said, if you prefer some other way, there are other options at the Blackjack Ballroom Casino. For example, you might opt to use its direct phone line instead, or possibly even use the email option if you are willing to wait.

Now as far as security goes, the casino’s software is covered by 128-bit SSL encryption combined with an industry-standard firewall. As mentioned earlier, it is also certified virus-free (by third-party anti-malware vendor McAfee) and has had its random number generator tested and verified by eCOGRA.

  • Who Should Play on Blackjack Ballroom Casino?

The Blackjack Ballroom Casino is a good downloadable casino. The first sorts of people who should play on it are those who are fans of the Microgaming online gambling experience. Of course, you may not even know that you are one of those. To check, simply search for the provider of your favourite casino games. Alternatively, you can check if your favourite casinos are ones that use Microgaming software. If this is so, you will very likely enjoy the Blackjack Ballroom’s gaming experience as well.

This is also the sort of casino that is best for those who like fast answers to their customer support tickets or questions. The live chat and direct phone line support options help in this regard. Not all casinos have those, many offer only email.

This is also the ideal site for those who enjoy card games. As may well be expected from a site with this name, there are many card games: both classics and new. It need not only be blackjack, as we stated earlier: Microgaming has a lot of card games available.

All of this having been said, there are also some who might not like the casino. Those who should stay away from it are those who prefer very fast withdrawals and those who would rather not play on a casino whose programme they have to download first. This is a matter of personal preference, so these points need not reflect badly on the Blackjack Ballroom Casino immediately.