Claim £500 Absolutely Free at Blackjack Ballroom Casino

Blackjack Ballroom Casino offers the best blackjack on the online gambling community. It offers a huge £500 for newly signed up players, which is truly an eye-catching offer.

Before you jump in excitement you must note that like other bonuses the £500 sign up bonus is also subject to the various terms and conditions, which you need to understand. Reading the fine print is a must especially when availing promotional products from any website.

The fine print or the terms and conditions are provided to help protect the interest of both the players and the online casino. Knowing the terms will give you a better idea how to maximize the utility of your bonus.

Below is a list of terms and conditions for availing £500 sign up bonus from Blackjack Ballroom Casino:

1. To claim this promotion you will need Blackjack Ballroom software. Download, install and register as a REAL Player.

2. Note that the 60-minute timer of the £500 bonus starts the moment you click the Start Free Play button. Note that aside from the time limit, there is also a wagering requirement, meaning the number of bets that you need to complete before the 60-minute limit ends.

3. Choose from a special selection of slots, table games and video poker. Make sure to try a few different games. There are a total of 500 games in Blackjack Ballroom so whatever you’re looking for you can definitely find it here.

4. You will need to place 20 or more bets and win £20 over the original £500, in order to collect any winnings, so keep betting until you reach this minimum requirement.

5. If you have already reached the required amount of winnings after completing the required 20 bets then its best that you retire early, before your 60 minutes is up. To do this just click on the quit early button.

6. In case you find yourself losing again and again with every game you play, just select the purple Try Again button and the timer along with your bonus credits will be reset back to start. However, availing this option also means that you are waiving all your rights to claim all of your existing winnings as these too will be reset like you haven’t played at all.

7. In order to cash out your winnings you must make a minimum of £20 deposit to your casino account.

8. Maximum cash out from the sign up bonus Free Play is £100.

9. Players using their £500 sign up bonus play on the miniature type of Blackjack Ballroom; the regular user interface version of Blackjack Ballroom becomes available once you become a regular play. The games and features are almost similar, the only difference is the timer, which is displayed on the miniature version to help players keep track of the 60-minute time limit on the bonus.

10. If you get disconnected try clicking the Timed Out button or you may need to log back in. The 60-minute free play will continue to count down while you are logging back in so make sure you are quick!

Blackjack Ballroom Casino also offers suggested games that can help you fully utilize the £500 free play bonus. Here are 4 things you can do and enjoy while at Blackjack Ballroom Casino.

1. Play Blackjack at Blackjack Ballroom Casino
£500 can get you a lot of hands of blackjack! Depending on the game, you can bet from as low as 10 cents all the way up to hundreds of dollars. Bide your time and bet sensibly or go all out – anything that will help increase your chance of profiting from your bonus. Since the £500 is a free gift, you really have nothing to lose! But of course the best-case scenario is to both have and profit from the free play. Try and use blackjack strategy to increase your chances of winning by betting shrewdly against the dealer. Blackjack is one online casino game where profits can be maximized using skill.

2. Play Roulette at Blackjack Ballroom Casino
The easiest and simplest way to play roulette is to either bet on a black or red or in an odd or even number. Roulette has a variety of betting system, which gives you the chance to increase your odds of winning or gives you a chance to win big. You may choose whatever kind of roulette game you wish to play. Try out some new tactics to win larger prize pool, place some remarkable bets like bet on 4 numbers, bet on single numbers or even bet on numbers in a particular range.

3. Play Slots at Blackjack Ballroom Casino
Slots is a highly-popular game at Blackjack Ballroom. Aside from fast gameplay, the graphics, sound and animation are also really fun and high grade. You can use your £500 free to spin the reels on whatever slots takes your fancy – there are so many themes that you are sure to find something you like. If you are not sure what to play first, Tomb Raider and Thunderstruck are the most suggested games with both high payout rates and big jackpots.

4. Play Video Poker at Blackjack Ballroom Casino
Online video poker has a reputation of being a game that can change players’ lives. Some skilled video poker players have been known to use online poker as their day job, playing hundreds of hands a day and earning thousands of dollars a week in profit. Video poker isn’t a complicated game, but it is a game that skilled players can dominate.

It is the perfect opportunity to try out all these entertaining games with the free £500 that Blackjack Ballroom Casino provided.